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Affinity Neurocare

Nnamdi C. Dike, DO

Neurologist & Neurologist located in Carrollton, TX & Frisco, TX

Affinity Neurocare in Frisco, Texas, offers compassionate care for patients of all ages who are suffering from neurological disorders. Founded by Nnamdi Dike, DO, the practice is devoted to serving the individual needs of each patient. They believe in open communication, educating each patient about their neurological condition, and in providing convenient health care by performing many diagnostic tests in the office.

The team at Affinity Neurocare understands the deep concerns patients experience as they try to cope with pain and uncomfortable symptoms and as they worry about what a neurological problem might mean for the future. Patients can depend on receiving heartfelt support, an honest conversation, and expert medical care using today’s most advanced treatments.

The full range of neurological disorders is diagnosed and treated at Affinity Neurocare. This includes common conditions, such as migraines and concussions, as well as extremely complex conditions like multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, stroke, and seizures.

Dr. Dike also specializes in the early diagnosis and ongoing treatment of patients with all types of dementia. He works closely with each family, making sure they have the information and support needed to help their loved one throughout the course of dementia.

To arrange an appointment, call the office or use the online booking form to let the team know when to schedule neurological care.

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Affinity Neurocare accepts most major insurances. For more information, please contact our office.


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