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The value of having a trusted healthcare team

Having a network of trusted healthcare providers helps you live the very best life you can live. When you feel great, you will be able to work, live, laugh, and enjoy all the things you love to do. If living a longer, more productive life is a priority for you and your family, then having a trusted healthcare team to rely on is essential. 

While you may still be young, longevity is not something anyone should take for granted. We all think we will live forever when we are young, but aging is an inevitability. In America, the average expected lifespan is about 80 years. It’s not forever, but it is a really long time! Long enough that we should all plan to take very good care of ourselves so that this time does not have to be spent in ill health. 

Of course, some problems are predisposed from a genetic standpoint. Chronic issues like diabetes, heart disease, and vascular disease can be passed from generation to generation, but even with a propensity to these diseases, it is possible to avoid symptoms. By monitoring your blood and general health, you can live a happier and more productive life, now and well into your sunset years. 

Healthcare is not a luxury

We hear this all too often: I can’t afford to see my doctor. But can you afford not to? 

When you consider the true costs of allowing diseases and pain to take over your life, you might not think it’s such a bad risk. 

Sure, most of us don’t think about going to the doctor until there is something seriously wrong. However, if you know you have an issue—even if you know you are at risk for developing a health issue—you should be under the care of a trusted medical professional. All things considered, the cost of monitoring your health will be significantly lower than it will be if and when the problem becomes acute. 

The actual cost of chronic illness

When you become sick, it costs you and your family in many different ways. First, you may be unable to work or be forced to work at a reduced capacity. This may put you into a state of financial difficulty to the point where you won’t be able to live comfortably anymore. Without adequate health coverage, you may not be able to afford the best treatments and therapies to put you on the track to health. You may even face a loss of mobility and early death, leaving your loved ones without a source of security. 

Granted, sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether your health is actually in jeopardy. You may not feel “quite right,” but you’re not an expert. Most of us, when we feel under the weather, tend to pass it off as something that will go away if we rest. Some symptoms, however, can be concerning and you may not know you are in danger until it’s too late. 

For instance, unchecked high blood pressure can lead to stroke, which can then lead to vascular dementia. This is not true in all cases, but there is a risk. If you are being monitored by your healthcare team regularly, this would not be an issue. Your doctor would suggest lifestyle changes, prescribe medication for you to take, and generally, your life would not have to change too much. You could go on working and enjoying life to the fullest with no restrictions. 

The same is true for many neural disorders. They can present with troubling symptoms, such as severe headaches, visual acuity problems, dizziness, numbness in the extremities, and more besides. If you experience symptoms like these, it is imperative that you consult a doctor immediately. 

Concussions can also be very dangerous if they are undiagnosed. A concussion is a severe type of head injury and, sometimes, the full extent of the damage done will not appear right away. The nature of the injury itself may make it difficult to diagnose as you might not think anything is wrong with you. 

Accessible, affordable healthcare in Frisco, Texas

The bottom line is that if you are not feeling like yourself or if you have a sudden onset of symptoms such as severe headaches, light sensitivity, mental confusion, seizures, weakness or numbness of any part of your body, you should see a doctor right away. 

Your healthcare team can help determine how serious your symptoms are and get you the help you need to get back to normal. When you consider the costs of long-term care, loss of income, medication, and worst of all, losing the ability to enjoy your life and loved ones, the answer should be clear. 

Affinity Neurocare offers accessible, affordable healthcare in Frisco, Texas. Reach out today to schedule an appointment. We are here to help you live a long, healthy, and productive life.